Top 5 T-shirt Printing Methods 2019 Updates

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Putting a few of styles on a tee shirt goes a protracted manner in spicing up a transparent, standard tee shirt. Cute, adorable, and distinctive tee shirt styles create these clothes a lot of trendy than ever before. Just in case you’re speculative what tee shirt printing methodology you’ll be able to use to start out manufacturing your line of eye-grabbing shirts these days, we’ve one thing future for you.

Below, you’ll discover all the tee shirt printing strategies obtainable these days. For each of the techniques below, we’ll discuss their distinctive edges furthermore as drawbacks.

1. Screen Printing

This is one amongst the foremost most popular t-shirts printing strategies employing a skilled t-shirt machine. If you’ve got a tee-shirt that options a written graphic and has remained spirited, soft, and swish for long, there are high probabilities that it was screen written. That means that you will count in screen printing for all of your tee shirt printing wants. However, it’s not the simplest choice for everything. The technique needs you to make a stencil (or template), that is then commanding in situ by the screen. The screen is sometimes made up of nylon mesh.

Now, you would like to flood some ink onto the screen, so use a squeegee to move and make sure that the ink spreads everywhere your screen. Excess ink is going to be wiped away. So also the screen is finally started with the planning you’re printing- it’s cured, dried and that’s it! Screen printing may be an excellent choice if you’re performing on an oversized project. However, don’t reckon it as a viable choice if you’re playing on one-offs or smaller quantities.

For instance, if you would like to print hen or stag T-shirts, screen printing would need that you produce a replacement screen for every tee shirt and it’ll take a great deal of your time. In alternative terms, it wouldn’t be price effective.

Pros :

  • Gives you supreme quality
  • Much quicker once performing on multiple things with one style
  • Can print in various colours
  • Great different for the production
  • Soft end


  • Not a viable choice for little quantities
  • A more significant learning curve, not like transfer methodology (explained later during this post)
  • Printing happening is lengthy and costly with this methodology
  • Can be mussy if done manually
  • A bit dear

2. Direct To Garment (DTG) Technique

Next, on the road, we’ve Direct to Garment tee shirt printing methodology. Abbreviated as DTG, this can be a comparatively new technique in tee shirt printing trade. It involves printing onto your garment directly- the tee shirt. If you don’t have a clue however that works, imagine an oversized flatbed printer wherever your tee shirt is chomped its conveyer, and it gets written on.

For a whole DTG setup, you’ll need a DTG printer. As a result of this printer is costly; this can be not a correct reception choice. However, if you’re getting to print a great deal (and I mean a lot) of t-shirts, and wish to try to one-offs quicker, DTG is that the thanks to going!

The quality of the DTG finish product is excellent (but not pretty much as good as that of screen printing). You’ll get a soft print, that you’ll be able to waste multiple colours. It works best on white clothes. It may also work on a darker tee shirt. However, the method is pretty tricky and can need some learning curve.

Pros :

  • Offers you full-colour printing
  • Supports happening styles
  • Low price per item printing
  • Soft, skilled end

Cons :

  • A bit slower for mass productions compared to screen printing
  • Consumes a great deal of house
  • High initial price

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3. Sublimation Printing

Have you ever encounter a tee shirt with associate everywhere print on it?
If yes, that might be sublimation printing. Sublimation works best once used for everywhere and outsized sheet. It’s capable of reworking the entire tee shirt into an excellent piece of art.

With the sublimation dye method, you’ll be able to do a galaxy print, repeat pattern. However, you’ll want unique shirts- made up of 100 per cent polyester.

Pros :

  • Produces extremely distinctive, all-over styles
  • Unlimited use of graphics, styles, and colours

Cons :

  • Shirts to be written on ought to be made up of 100 per cent polyester solely
  • White patches/parts on your tee shirt not coated (e.g. underarms) can show through your style
  • To make it financially viable everywhere print choice, you would like to figure on a minimum of 50plus clothes

4. CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing employs a novel, soft vesture that’s professionally cut victimisation CAD cutter and alternative unique computer code. Then you print this material onto your tee shirt victimisation heat press methodology.

The method permits you to print happening styles and even longer runs, creating it an excellent different for writing multiple garment varieties. Moreover, it enables you to layer vinyl, that makes it doable for you to print in several colours (and produce spirited designs).

Vinyl works well for the saying, tiny graphics, and words. However, it’s not appropriate for giant written areas as your tee shirt could lose its flexibility.

Pros :

  • Ideal for extended, medium and shorter runs of prints
  • Produces spirited which may last the lifetime of your tee shirt
  • No fading/cracking of the print
  • Space-efficient

Cons :

  • Vinyl is a smaller amount versatile than screen printing inks
  • You’ll have to be compelled to find out about the computer code and hardware before victimisation this machine
  • You’ll want special CAD cutters, heat press, and computer code

5. Transfer Paper Method

The idea behind this system is transferring the image from one surface to the opposite, for good. The planning is written on a paper and victimisation the most straightforward heat press machine it gets transferred to garments. The strategy has initially been wont to add decorative details to ceramics.

Today, it enjoys a broad usage within the tee shirt company furthermore as alternative clothes. Not like all the opposite strategies we’ve mentioned on top of, this system employs heat and pressure to line the image on your tee shirt.

Pros :

  • Fairly easy to use
  • Produces high-quality, refined styles
  • Supports full-colour printing

Cons :

  • A bit slower than the opposite strategies
  • Works best on light-weight-coloured t-shirts
  • Can’t be used on materials with high heat-sensitivity levels

Final Thoughts:

From what you’ve learned on top of, there are some ways of printing your tee shirt. Also, every methodology comes with its list of distinctive edges and drawbacks.

Whatever your tee shirt printing wants are, you’ll realise a technique that suits you from the methods above- whether or not you’re trying to find an inexpensive transfer at your home or a much-skilled setup.

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